Student Support Services

Student Support

At ConneXions, we strive to ensure that students have the physical and mental health support to promote their academic success. The staff is trained to help students with any daily concerns and academic challenges by means of direct intervention and meetings with parents and teachers.

Special Education

At ConneXions, we are dedicated to ensuring that students with special needs are accommodated before as required by State Law. The special education department works around the clock to provide support to students in the classroom and with school life in general.

Life Skills

At ConneXions, our class is comprised of 10 special needs students who are on certificate track. We prepare our students for life after high school. Lessons are taught through the Styer-Fitzgerald curriculum. The lessons include money management, cooking, hygiene, job readiness skills, travel, daily living and how to make important life decisions. The Connexions Life Skills program offers our students the opportunity to take classes and participate in our world renowned arts program. The Life Skills Class travels extensively and affords the students to be exposed to real world life experiences.

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